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Verbs Bases
Multiplatformal irregular verbs learning tool

Version 0.5 - beta
Volunteer translators wanted! - Help us with translatting iVerbs to your mother language! More information in languages section.


  • New Subversion (svn) repositary added. More info in Download section
  • iVerbs 0.5.5 - beta has been released.
    The main news in version are:
    • Source code able to run on Win32
  • iVerbs 0.5 - beta has been released.
    The main news in version are:
    • Simple misstakes statistics
    • Multilingual support
    • Choosing of verbsbase or language file improved
    • Russian translation added


iVerbs is a free multiplatformal educational tool useful for learning irregular verbs for languages like English and German where It's neccesary.


Actualy, there are available theese translations of iVerbs. Laguage files are rated by quality of translation (1=very bad). Green languages are already included in default iVerbs instalation package:

Official language files
Language Quality (1-5) Author File
English 4
banhof internal
Czech 5 banhof czech.lng
Russian 2
banhof russian.lng
! Besides of official translations there're also unofficial comunity translations of iVerbs, which can be created by everybody who wants to help! Join iVerbs translation system and download other language files or create new ones!
Instalation: Download language file of your choice and copy it to ~/iverbs/language on your Linux machine with installed iVerbs.

Verbs databases

There're few databases which I have found on the Internet or created on my own. Unfortunately, Verbsbases are so specific, that most of people will have to create them by themselves. Instructions for creating your own databases are placed in ~/iverbs/database/README  on your Linux machine with installed iVerbs. Openoffice Calc can realy help you in this issue

Database Verbs language Translation language Comment Author
easy.csv English Czech Basic english verbsbase banhof
medium.csv English Czech Some additional verbs banhof
hard.csv English Czech Not common, not useful verbs banhof
maresova.csv English Czech Verbsbase required by my English teacher,
Magda Marešová

If you have made good verbsbase, send it please to honza.hadacek@seznam.cz and I will publish it here.


Aim of iVerbs is to be multiplatformal, but It's still in development. Version for Qt will maybe available when iVerbs 0.6 will be raleased. There are theese versions of iVerbs now:

Platform Package Description Link
Linux (gtk2) DEB Package for Debian-based distros (Ubuntu) Download
Executable installer Self extracting archive for other distros. Simply run
bash iverbs-0.5-install.sh
Binary archive Extract and run iverbs.sh Download
Windows Binary archive (zip) Extract and run iverbs.exe Download
Source code Source archive For compilation you will need Lazarus and FPC Download
You can also download current development source code (unstable, but full of new features), by typing theese commands in Linux console (please install Subversion first):
$ mkdir iverbs-src
$ cd iverbs-src/
$ svn checkout https://iverbs.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/iverbs

Older version archive of stable you can find on SF download page.


Here are few screenshots taken under Ubuntu and gtk2:



iVerbs is licensed by GNU General Public License. You can find text of this license on www.gnu.org

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